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World's first hyperloop project has approved in India By Government of Maharashtra

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World's first hyperloop project has approved by the Government of Maharashtra India. This project has been developed by the Virgin group and will be run between Mumbai and Pune, which will change the future of transportation.

The chief minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis said, "Maharashtra will create the first hyperloop transportation system in the world and a global hyperloop supply chain starting from Pune, We have just named the DP World – Virgin Hyperloop One consortium as the original project proponent for the Mumbai-Pune hyperloop project and [are] preparing to start the public procurement process," he continued. "Maharashtra and India are at the forefront of hyperloop infrastructure building now and this is a moment of pride for our people."

Maharastra's Government has said that a consortium of Virgin Hyperloop one Group and ports owner DP World would be a preferred operator partner, both will work together to build this project, which will be world's first hyperloop transportation system.

DP World is a global tread leader and a big construction organization, which works to build the port and in the field of logistics operator in India. DP World will invest $500 million US dollars in private capital to complete phase one of the project. This is the new technology for the transportation system.

This hyperloop line will connect the two most important city of Maharastra, which is the part of western India. The distance between this city is about 100 miles apart, presently it takes about three and a half hours by the car. After completing this project it can be cover only in 35 minutes.

This project will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and it will create new hyperloop components and manufacturing opportunities for Maharashtra and export to India and the rest of the world. This is the new India vision which has given by the prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi.

Presently about 75 million people travel annually which is expected to increases about 130 million in 2026. This new transportation system has the ability to meet this growing demand

Image:- Courtesy Hyperloop one

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