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ArchtoArchitect is a fast growing open social platform specifically built for Architects, End users(Customer/Job Seekers) and Vendor/Service Provider across India. Its motive is to fulfill their architectural needs and share ideas and beliefs about design and creativity among the other architects fellow.

It’s an innovative approach developed by Scideas Solutions with a motive to bridge the gap between customers, service providers and architects.

It provides an easy way to share valuable thoughts among each other related to their designs and projects. Our platform makes interaction smooth between architects and customers. It offers an unique way for them to grow their professional network by connecting with many other architects from the same field, interact with customers/clients and can refer to the various sellers products available on the website.

It provides an easy way for customers/end users who are seeking architectural services to get connected with the architect members online from anywhere at anytime.

Why ArchtoArchitect?

  • Access to multiple architects with different expertise at one platform.
  • A free platform to showcase your work and reach to the huge customer range.
  • Transparent & easy interaction between architects and customer via individual dashboard.
  • A free Project Management Tool to keep the track of ongoing projects and updates on the project’s progress
  • We assured trusted and guaranteed quality service by keeping track of all the interactions with a secured platform.

What We Offer to the End Users and Vendors?

For Customers :

We aspire to get the best professionals and service providers on our platform who actively display their work on their profiles.

At ArchtoArchitect we strive to bring the best services and a chance to browse through the multiple projects to get help in the search for your dream design.

So, you could find a wide range of professional Architects and Service providers from various domains. You will also find here, some unique and beautiful design collection of products in our components section shared by the architects.

We offer an easy and hassle free approach to serve the customers who haven't much time to visit the architects for their architectural needs.

    Benefits :

  • Access to multiple architects at one platform.
  • Flexibility to select the architects based on their work and expertise.
  • Easy interaction with the available architects via a personal dashboards.
  • Free Project Management Tool to keep track of the ongoing projects.
  • Option to choose the products for projects from various listed categories.

For Sellers/ Service Providers :

  • They Can list their services and products on a dedicated online platform.
  • Will get a personal user-friendly dashboard to manage their product/services listings and profile details.
  • Flexibility to add up to 20 products under various categories to build up your product showcase page.
  • Can also advertise the products and services on our platform to get noticed by the customers.
  • Can get recommendation for the services and products from our architect members.

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How It works

Only Architects who have COA number would be able to register themselves on ArchToArchitect.
After successful registration you can create your profile by filling up all the required details. Such as specialization, awards, experience etc.
Each Architect will have their social profile, where they can showcase their designs/projects and can share their ideas among group of other architects.
Architects can share their component database , their daily or weekly works and can also publish articles to share current tends and their thoughts.

They can create private as well as public groups to have discussion among the community.
The Architects can also get updates about any upcoming design competitions across the world. There will be a link to organizer's website associated with each competition to participate into that competition.
The Architects can also add design competitions to the design competition section.